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The navigation app meinGrün for Heidelberg and Dresden

How do I find the greenest, quietest or fastest route to the nearest green space? Where can I play soccer and where can I find a bench to rest on? How can I, as a city, bring together all green-relevant data within one system and thus draw new conclusions about green and site development? All this and much more is possible with the two developed systems of the meinGrün app and the meinGrün web portal.

The core objective of the meinGrün project is the development and testing of a novel infrastructure of services and a WebApp, as a decision tool for finding urban green spaces, as well as the development of a "Green Infrastructure" web portal. In addition to improved information on green spaces, incentives are to be created to make the everyday mobility of citizens when visiting public urban green spaces more sustainable and health-promoting. By using a wide range of data sources, scientific research on the perception and use of green structures from the citizens' point of view will be conducted, which will support a user-friendly web app development.

Urban green spaces are understood to be both public and private green spaces. The types of green spaces to be integrated into the app (e.g., private gardens, parks, forests) will be determined within the framework of the project depending on the availability of data and in coordination with the urban partners, taking into account any protection goals (e.g., nature reserves). The methods for data acquisition and analysis developed in the project rely on open data (Copernicus, Open Government Data and user-generated data) and form the basis for the provision of new information services on green spaces and their qualities (differentiated vegetation stock, climate impact, ecosystem services (ÖSL)) as well as their accessibility. As a demonstrator, the WebApp "meinGrün" is developed and tested in the pilot cities Dresden and Heidelberg.

urbanista has taken on an advisory role in the meinGrün project. Especially with regard to the development of analog public events, which unfortunately could not take place as planned due to the Corona Pandamia. Instead, the team developed a social media campaign with associated promotional clip. The implementation and evaluation of this campaign provided important information for the further development of the app.

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Sören Rothert

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