A new piece of the city emerges

Masterplan future district Paderborn

A new piece of the city is being created in Paderborn. The end of use of the former Barker Barracks in November 2019 will create a wide range of opportunities for the city of Paderborn - in addition to enormous challenges - to successfully meet the urban, economic, demographic and real estate developments of the coming decades. A new district is to be created on the site formerly used for military purposes. It will be approximately the size of the center of Paderborn and has the potential to become Europe's most innovative district. In the future, a wide variety of offers will be found here, which take into account the requirements of future forms of living together, mobility and climate change. urbanista develops and accompanies the entire process and develops the final master plan, which is based on three test drafts of interdisciplinary architectures. The master plan translates the results from the test planning into a set of plans that will provide a stable foundation for the development of the area into a model neighborhood of the 21st century over the next two decades.

Project Period

2020 - 2022




City of Paderborn - Urban Planning Office

Contact persons

Sven Kohlschmidt, Katharina Grön

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