Feasibility study and memorandum

On the way to an IBA in the Munich region

Booming economy, rich culture, picturesque landscapes. As an attractive place to live and do business, the Munich metropolitan region faces numerous challenges that it will have to meet in the future. Rising rents and housing prices, high commuter numbers, contested open space and an already overburdened transportation system are causing problems for the region and threaten to jeopardize its much-vaunted quality of life. 

What are the most pressing challenges facing the Munich metropolitan region? Where do levers and key issues lie? Could an International Building Exhibition be the right instrument to solve them? And if so, how and with which actors? urbanista is exploring these questions with a feasibility study as well as an IBA memorandum and the associated process - together with the offices "STUDIO | STADT | REGION" and "studio urbane landschaften".

Project Period

Since 2017




Munich city

Contact persons

Julian Petrin, Tristan Lannuzel 

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