Develop. Finance. Implement.

City making on digital platforms

The research project "Develop. Finance. Umsetzen - Stadtmachen auf digitalen Plattformen" (Developing. Financing. Implementing - Making Cities on Digital Platforms) research project of the German Federal Association for Housing and Urban Development (Bundesverband für Wohnen und Stadtentwicklung e. V.) started in November 2018. (The project focused on digital platforms that enable citizens to develop their own ideas for shaping their city and to initiate projects themselves. These could be platforms for the pure production of ideas, but also crowd-funding platforms or those that combine different approaches from crowdsourcing to crowdfunding.

Within the scope of the research project, a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of such platforms will be carried out: What are their benefits for city-making, what are their limitations? What is their reach, what relevance do they have? Do the platforms really enable a more open and participatory design of our cities?

At home in the field of "city making", urbanista conducted the research project on the function and benefits of digital platforms for collaborative urban development. From the complete overview to the stable case selection - starting from a "learning" research design and discourse-encompassing system picture to the implementation and evaluation of expert:inside interviews and case studies, everything came from a single source in this project.  

Project Period

2018 - 2020




vhw- Federal Association for Housing and Urban Development e.V.

Contact persons

Sven Kohlschmidt, Julian Petrin  

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