Braunschweig - Move - Together

Braunschweig Mobility Development Plan

Streets, rails, sidewalks and bicycle paths are the main arteries and arteries of our city. They are both a place to stay and a place to move. The most diverse demands from the most diverse directions manifest themselves in these spaces. At the same time, these demands are changing rapidly. Technological progress, climate change and the changing behavior of users form future trends in mobility that are not yet visible in the present. Braunschweig is aware of this challenge and is therefore developing a new mobility development plan (MEP) for Braunschweig, for the first time since 1998.

urbanista is developing the Mobility Development Plan (MEP) for Braunschweig together with Planersocietät and WVI within a co-creative process. According to the principle "Braunschweig - Together - Moving" the core of the process is the interaction between the public and professional planning. The main milestones of the process will be designed together with the citizens and two accompanying committees (Scientific Advisory Board & Expert Group) and the direction of the MEP will be determined. The mobility development plan thus becomes a product of and for the citizens of Braunschweig. Clearly comprehensible measures for politics and citizens will be developed, which will shape mobility in Braunschweig in the long term.

urbanista accompanies the process as the office responsible for public participation. Through Corona, new ways of participation were explored, which primarily relied on digital formats and low-threshold analog participation. Within the last participation module, four future narratives were drafted by urbanista, from which initial strategies and scenarios of tomorrow's mobility will be derived.

Project Period

Since 2020




City of Braunschweig

Contact persons

Sören Rothert, Birte Kepp

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