This is how you can keep the future running.

These are just some of the approaches we use to help our municipal and private customers to continue their projects and dialogues digitally.
One thing is clear: every urban development process now needs a tailored readjustment. We can advise you on this - just contact us.

Work online in small groups

Whether expert dialogue or future think tank: In times of Corona, there is no need to stop working together on urban development issues.
Co-creation remains our philosophy. Despite Corona, we believe that the knowledge of the many and the common dialogue are needed to develop the best solution for the local people. Tools such as "Zoom" or "Microsoft Teams" make it possible: discussing together, identifying options, weighing up, making decisions. We moderate and document your expert dialogue or work with you in virtual focus group rooms.

The virtual townhall for the process start

No urban development process without a major public launch. You can also meet hundreds of people online - and maybe even better collect feedback and ideas for the city.
We design and accompany your participation processes: Even ambitious dialogues and co-creation processes are possible in these times. We can look back on years of experience in the development of online dialogue websites, with whose help we ask the right questions and find the real sticking points. For a full participation experience, we link the results with moderated live panels on YouTube or Google-Meet and temporarily turn the WWW into your town hall.

Participation kits instead of outreach

If you want to reach many people, outreach formats are mandatory. With the help of our participation kits, people can be addressed individually even in times of contact restrictions.
A participation kit is a construction kit or toolbox for the implementation of playful, self-organised group work. It enables individuals or small groups to deal independently with the issues of a process. The kits contain a collection of materials with instructions that have been specially created for this purpose. In our "Kiel 2042" project, participation kits were recently used in a city-wide dialogue on the future. However, the approach is also suitable for many other topics and observation areas.

Live brainstorming on the digital tablecloth

Whether expert dialogue or future think tank: In times of Corona, there is no need to stop working together on urban development issues.
The environment shapes the way we think: the core of our projects has therefore always been workshops with playful and interactive methods that actively involve the space. Our goal is to reproduce these success factors online: for example, by collaborative work with digital whiteboards or joint discussion on map sections.

How is the pandemic changing cities? First soundings

How does the corona crisis change social life, the economy of the city or mobility? Are we experiencing a boom in community spirit or is there a threat of an intensification of social antagonisms? Which future questions are becoming important now? It is still too early to make reliable statements. But the first consequences are already becoming apparent.

Our topic experts have begun to formulate initial theses for our projects - initial starting points for your orientation in the period after the pandemic. Discuss with us online!

The bus, my enemy?

Packed buses and trains: what was a daily routine before Corona is now avoided. Some people get on their bikes, others get back into their cars. How is Corona changing mobility in the city?

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Structural change in fast motion

Almost all German cities are facing the task of reinventing their inner cities. This task is now becoming considerably more urgent. For where the city was on the brink of collapse before Corona, things could now become gloomy.

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Speaking is the first step.

Our offer in difficult times: We look together at your project or urban development process. Which process steps will be shifted? What does this mean for your approach? What options are there to approach planned steps differently? And what impact does the corona crisis have on your content goals?

Write us via e-mail or form - and send us material that helps us to assess your question. In an initial interview by video or telephone, we will give you an initial assessment - pro bono.

Links and materials

Enclosed you will find some texts and articles that offer a first glimpse into the post-virus era - a basis for the discussion on how urban development could change after the pandemic.

Coronavirus: The Hammer and the Dance

Tomas Pueyo's data-based outlook for the next 18 months, possible normality and social life even without a widely available vaccine.

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Yuval Noah Harari: the world after coronavirus

"This storm will pass. But the choices we make now could change our lives for years to come"

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Paper of the Imperial College COVID-19 Response Team

Impact of non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) to reduce COVID- 19 mortality and healthcare demand

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"How we get COVID-19 under control"

Internal 17-page strategy paper of the Federal Ministry of the Interior. (March 2020)

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Overall economic situation in the face of the corona pandemic

Special report of the German Council of Economic Experts on the assessment of the overall economic development. (April 2020)

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